About Us

Since our establishment in year 2008,  Altoganar Resources Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (formally known as Altoganar Resources Marketing) has been specializing in Traffic Safety & Warning Sign, Road Marking Services & Buildings Signage.

Our extensive services, from Traffic Safety Material, Engraving & Router Cutting, Rubberized Fender/ Conner Guard, Interior or Exterior ID Renovation Works, Digital Printing and even Fiberglass Reinforcement Product (FRP) make us the ideal as One Stop Company for your needs.   

Over the past ten years, our area of business has expanded into the related fields such as technical support, including installation and maintenance; apart from this, we work closely with various government departments, in relation to any other road within the area of any local authority in obtaining relevant licenses to assist your Company.
We understand the term quality as being a sum of reliability; we wish to convey all the necessary advantages to our customers in order that then succeed. It also involves well documented production and testing methods according to the road category under 333 Act, the Malaysian Road Transport Act 1987.

We create custom signs & graphics, design & products for business and commercial.  No matter the project, we always put the focus on great service, quality craftsmanship and fair pricing.

We do work in partnerships with selected manufacture & Fabricator in Peninsular Malaysia, and work closely with our respective partners in their various specialties in materials, design, fabrication and installation to deliver product that making services at competitive market rates.

Our Mission: To provide consistently high quality products, competitive price and perfect services to meet customer needs.

We are Client-Oriented.
We place a high priority on our clients’ needs.   We are committed to a maximum of 24-hours response time to client’s site.
We deliver Quality Product & Service.
We recommend price-friendly solutions but with the highest quality to our clients, and we are constantly making sure of our production is under control.
We provided Responsive Service.
Our professional after-sales team are always ready to assists you with maintenance contracts.
Our Experienced Technical Team.
Our competent team can identify the specific requirements needed from each client to guarantee advance assistance. They also implement proper SOP as we aim to reduce error.
Consultation & Advisory Based
We are always around for advice and consultation on your existing and upcoming project.
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